Selasa, 18 Oktober 2011

it's mee :)

I'am nheviie,
My first child of 2 brothers ..
My brother a male,,, me and him at odds of 6 years ..

because my daughter only,, hmmm I really noticed, too in love yahh ..
definitely want to go anywhere in the interrogation were going?? at who?? etc.

sometimes I feel bored, but not how again: (

huummm maybe it was all arranged in the same god,, it may be best for me ...

I inevitably have to accept it : D

I should be happy to do my 2nd my parents,, they return the favor, as he's happy I,, meet all my demands one by one ..
yes amen god grant me this my prayer...

i love you dad,mom,my brother etc....

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